New (Mega) LED Tactile Pulsers


LED Tactile Pulsers with lighted detachable pods and replaceable 6 ft cable.

(This product is replacing the Mega Tactile Pulsers and will be fully compatible with all old and new NeuroTek products that support tactile functionality)


Features & Benefits:

  • Integrated lights indicate when pulser is activated
  • Detachable heavy duty 6 ft. long wires 
  • Easily replace wires without replacing complete pulser unit.
  • LED Tactile pulsers may be substituted with any NeuroTek product order. (slight additional cost)
  • Compatible with all NeuroTek Products with tactile features.
  • High-Gloss surface for easy cleaning and disinfection
  • Ergonomic shape so the devices can be held comfortably for long periods of time
  • Limited 90-Day Warranty.

Warning: Pulsers do not function without a NeuroTek control device!

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