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Attention: Due to high demand and limited availability as our old product line comes to a close; orders for the classic Tac/AudioScan may have a 1-2 week delay before shipping. We apologize for the inconvenience and we will work to ship all orders as soon as possible.


NeuroTek proudly introduces the Tac/AudioScan - the sound plus tactile EMDR instrument. The Tac/AudioScan EMDR instrument allows the clinician to administer EMDR by alternating tones to each ear via light-weight stereo headphones while simultaneously providing gentle bilateral tactile stimulution using very small vibrating pulsers. The compact design makes the Tac/AudioScan extremely portable and easy to use anywhere.


The Tac/AudioScan comes complete with:

  • Carrying Case
  • AC Adapter
  • 9V battery
  • Standard or Mega LED Pulsers
  • Optional Headphones

Features & Benefits:

  • Dual Modality - Use auditory or tactile stimulation independently or together for maximum benefit
  • Flexibility - Adjustable tactile intensity control
  • Adjustments for volume and speed (rate)
  • All adjustments now have calibrated dials for recording individual client preferences
  • Indicator lights provide visual speed information
  • Small, easy to hold pulsers are only 1.5"x1"x1/2"
  • Now comes with carrying case at no additional charge
  • Headphone and tactile pulser lengths may be extended with optional extender cables
  • Soothing alternative to eye movements
  • Prevents clinician fatigue
  • Allows note-taking during EMDR administration
  • Lowers distractions for client
  • Small, compact design. Ideal for personal use
  • Use with visually-impaired clients or clients with a history of seizures
  • Works great with children
  • Comes complete with standard tactile pulsers, carrying case, 9 volt battery and AC Adapter. Headphones are now optional
  • Standard Pulsers are included. Substituting Mega Pulsers is also available for an additional cost
  • Backed by our Limited One-Year Warranty!

The speed, pulser intensity, volume adjustments and power switch for the Tac/AudioScan are on the front of the unit allowing easy access while the headphone and tactile pulsers connect on the top. Since the auditory and tactile stimulations are synchronized, the speed adjustment controls both tactile and tone rates. The pulser strength has a wide range of adjustability from no intensity (completely off) to full, maximum strength. All adjustments now have calibrated dials allowing the clinician to record each clients' preferred settings. The oval shaped tactile pulsers are very small, only 1" wide by only 1.5" long and less than 1/2" thick. These small pulsers may be easily and comfortably held in the hands, placed in gloves or any other convenient place. Additionally, the pulsers may be attached to wrists, arms or legs using commonly available velcro straps or exercise bands (not included).

Both the headphones and the tactile pulsers connect to the Tac/AudioScan controller via 6 foot cords and small 3.5mm connectors. This allows you the choice of using both auditory and tactile together or you may use the audio or tactile functions separately. For additional distances from the controller, both the headphones and the tactile pulsers may be connected using optional extender cables. Two green lights provide a visual indication of the selected speed. An AC adapter is included for operation from a permanent power source, or it can be powered with a 9V battery for total portability.

With hands-free administration of EMDR, the clinician is better able to closely observe the client's behavior and take notes. The Tac/AudioScan is an effective therapeutic tool and is only available from NeuroTek.

Limited 1-year warranty

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