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*** This One Does It All! ***
The Advanced LapScan 4000
with tactile pulsers & cordless remote control

NeuroTek EMDR technology:The Advanced LapScan 4000

Advanced LapScan 4000

EyeScan technology
with cordless remote control!

NeuroTek  EMDR technology: 6 EyeScan models available

View all 6 EyeScan models

New Deluxe

NeuroTek EMDR technology: the Deluxe Tac/AudioScan

Deluxe Tac/AudioScan

The Advanced Tac/AudioScan

NeuroTek EMDR technology: Tactile plus Auditory Advanced Tac/AudioScan

The Basic Tac/AudioScan

NeuroTek EMDR technology: Tactile plus Auditory


Maximize the benefits of your Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) sessions with LapScan™, EyeScan™, AudioScan™, and Tac/AudioScan™ EMDR technology. Available only to EMDR clinicians trained through the EMDR Institute or other EMDRIA approved EMDR training facility, NeuroTek's EMDR instruments will allow the clinician to take notes and concentrate exclusively on their clients.

NeuroTek has been manufacturing quality EMDR equipment since 1992. NeuroTek products are used by hundreds of EMDR therapists who have reported excellent results and believe they are extremely effective therapeutic tools.

NeuroTek,, EyeScan, Tac/AudioScan, and LapScan are trademarks of NeuroTek Corporation.
EMDR is a trademark of the EMDR Institute.

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