screen-shot-2016-01-28-at-9.11.17-pm.pngI have known Doug Fisher, originator of Neurotek, and have been using his technology as long as I have been doing EMDR therapy. I recommend that anyone who incorporates EMDR therapy into their practice invest in one or a variety of options offered by Neurotek. I do EMDR processing with clients 6 to 7 times in any given day. Use of it allows me to be more attentive to my clients during reprocessing. No more tiring arms, no more struggling to take notes in between sets, no more missing subtle cues given by the client. And it allows me to be true to the hallmark of EMDR – staying out the way.

-Barbara J Hensley EdD, LPCC Clinical Counselor | EMDRIA-Approved Consultant



screen-shot-2016-01-28-at-9.11.09-pm.pngI have personally used NeuroTek devices for about 20 years in my clinical work. Among the many benefits: clients triggered by close proximity with others can maintain physical distance from the therapist while still experiencing the bilateral stimulation (BLS). I have also transported several hundred devices to other countries where the reasonable prices make them widely accessible. Among my various stories about clinician inventiveness: when a tapper is placed on a "stuck" somatic memory such as chronic pain, the bilateral tapping on that physical symptom -- for unknown reasons -- will frequently allow the client to access new memory channels and facilitate processing.

-John G. Hartung, Ph.D. Psychologist International EMDR trainer



screen-shot-2016-01-28-at-9.11.02-pm.pngAs a trainer of EMDR Basic Training, I demo the Tac/Audio scans to show therapists an alternative option to using eye-movements with their clients in EMDR Therapy. Therapists get excited immediately and can't wait to try the products. Once they experience the Tac/Audio scans for themselves, therapists get a felt sense of the products, and how they can be useful for their clients. Using NeuroTek products allows therapists to be client centered, helping to meet the needs of clients who are unable to do traditional eye-movements. These products allow more clients to experience the benefits of EMDR Therapy. The advantages of using these products are that they are portable and affordable. I would recommend any therapist who practices EMDR Therapy to consider including NeuroTek products as a part of their practice.

-Barb Maiberger, MA, LPC Founder of Maiberger Institute EMDRIA Approved Provider of EMDR Basic Trainings

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