Classic Tac Kit


The Classic Tac Kit makes EMDR intuitive and accessible with it's simplified '3 button and dial' design inspired by our original Tac/Audioscan device. EDMR therapists can quickly and seamlessly change the intensity of Bilateral Tactile Stimulation, volume of Bilateral Audio, or speed of their session by selecting the corresponding button and turning the dial in the center of the device. This elegant design can let EMDR providers fine tune these settings mid-session, without interrupting the experience for their clients. Bilateral Visuals are shown at the top of the device while Tactile Stimulation is provided by our Neurotek pulsers which are available in several designs including LED models to incorporate an alternative style of Visual Bilateral Stimulation. Bilateral Audio is provided by a headset in our classic Neurotek tone, alternating between ears perfectly in time with the Tactile Pulsers and lights.

Included in the Classic Tac Kit:

  • Classic Tac Controller
  • Classic Headset
  • Small Tactile Pulsers
  • Power Adapter Cable
  • 3 AAA Batteries 
  • Upgrades and additional accessories are available at the top of the page

Features and Benefits

  • Allows note-taking during EMDR administration
  • Lowers distractions for client
  • Prevents clinician fatigue
  • Use plugged in or on battery power for portability
  • Low battery indicator to prevent interruptions in session
  • Easy-slide battery cover
  • Adjustments for volume, speed (rate), and tactile intensity
  • Intuitive ring of LED lights indicates volume, speed, and intensity
  • Tactile, Audio, and Visual stimulation all available on one device, usable together or separately
  • Optional Carrying Case
  • Headphone and Tactile Pulser cable lengths are up to 6ft. long, and extender cables are available
  • Backed by our Limited one-year Warranty


Choose Small, Large, or LED Tactile Pulsers




Classic Tac Standard Tac Advanced Tac Deluxe Tac
Sound Options Tone Tone Tone, Click, Double-Click, Arcade Tone, Click, Double-Click, Arcade
Speed Range 1-10 1 - 10 1 - 20 1 - 20
Rechargeable Battery No/ 3 AAA Batteries No/CR123A Lithium Yes Yes
Wired Tactile & Auditory Yes Yes Yes Yes
Wireless Pulser Capability No Yes Yes Yes
BT Headphone Capability No No Yes Yes
Quick-Start Profiles No 2 5 10
Touchscreen Controls No No No Yes
Remote for Lightbar No Yes Yes Yes

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