Company History

NeuroTek was founded in 1989 by Doug Fisher. An electrical engineer by trade, Doug was introduced to the world of EMDR by his wife who at the time was going through her basic training with Francine Shapiro. He heard many Clinicians talking about how wonderful EMDR was but how awful some of the side effects are for the Clinician. For example, fatigue and pain from moving arms back and forth for hours, and the client could become distracted by Clinician manual hand movements. In addition, it makes it difficult to take notes in sessions. Doug realized with his expertise in electrical engineering he could design products to help EMDR Clinicians with these problems. He immediately began working on a Lightbar prototype and after lots of testing and correcting, he finally produced the basic EyeScan.

Since then, we introduced additional EyeScans with more features and new portable options; the portable Tac/Audio Scan and the Advanced LapScan. As the EMDR community grew, so did NeuroTek to meet the needs of the Clinicians. NeuroTek became closely involved with the EMDR Institute, EMDRIA, as well as many approved independent trainers often attending trainings and conferences to help make the equipment available to new trainees.

Today, NeuroTek is researching and developing the next generation of EMDR tools. After many years of growth and success in the EMDR community, we are enthusiastically looking for ways to grow and contribute to the success of EMDR therapy around the world.

Neurotek Corporation

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