Deluxe EyeScan Lightbar With Advanced Tac Controller


The New Deluxe EyeScan Lightbar comes with an Advanced Tac Controller which wirelessly controls the lightbar, with the option to use the Advanced Tac independently from the Lightbar as a portable tactile and auditory machine.  It has 22 calming lights in 4 color options for bilateral visual stimulation, alternating tone for bilateral auditory stimulation, and bilateral tactile stimulation with our ergonomically designed pulsers.


This model comes complete with:

  • Advance Tac Controller
  • Full Size Tripod (actual tripod may vary from picture)
  • Wired Pulsers
  • Wired Headset
  • AC adapter

(All cords are 6ft in length)



  • 22 LED lights for soothing eye-movement viewing in 4 color options and two modes:
    • Blue, Green, Teal, & Purple
    • Scan Mode – the lights go completely back and forth along the entire lightbar
    • Ends Mode – the lights alternate illumination at each end of the lightbar only
  • Easily able to adjust LED brightness, audio volume, pulser intensity, and overall speed settings from the controller (options from 1-20)
  • Advanced Tac functions as a wireless remote control for the EyeScan. It has a rechargeable battery and has the ability to save 5 profile settings. 
  • Four available tones for audio stimulation with headset
    • Tone
    • Click
    • Double Click
    • Arcade
  • Wired Pulsers included
  • Wired Headset included 
  • Optional carrying case available for purchase
  • Backed by our Limited one-year Warranty!

Physical Dimensions:

Lightbar: 32” x 1.5” x 2.125” (812.8mm x 38.1mm x 53.975mm)


  • Reduces clinician fatigue
  • Allows for note-taking during EMDR sessions
  • Lowers distractions for client
  • Allows for diverse seating arrangements to maximize client comfort

Improved EMDR Sessions

EyeScan™ Technology was developed to aid the clinician in the administration of Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR). With hands-free administration of EMDR, the clinician is better able to closely observe the client's behavior and take notes.

Previously administered by a repetitive hand technique, EMDR can now be performed with the aid of the Advanced EyeScan Lightbar, reducing clinician fatigue and improving the therapeutic process. Through extensive field testing by EMDR clinicians, these products have proven to be valuable and effective tools in the administration of EMDR around the world.

Tactile, Visual, and Audio Stimulus
The Advanced EyeScan Lightbar comes with an auditory stimulation mode. For bilateral auditory stimulation simply pair the headphones to the Tac controller. Your client hears a gentle sound that alternates in each ear as the lights on each end illuminate.

The Deluxe EyeScan Lightbar also incorporates built-in tactile stimulation. Simply plug in your NeuroTek  Pulsers to the Advanced Tac controller. You can use tactile, auditory, or visual stimulus or choose any combination of the three to suit each individual client's needs.  Further, incorporating multiple stimuli may enhance the EMDR process.

With this EyeScan Deluxe package you have the option to use the Advanced Tac independently from the lightbar as a portable tactile and auditory machine, making it ideal for clients who have a visual impairment or do not wish to use the visual stimulus.


Choose Small, Large, or LED Tactile Pulsers




small-pulsers.jpegStandard Pulsersmegalightssolo.jpg


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